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FAUG Game APK Detail Information

FAU-G Full FormFearless and United Guards
Game Size:124 MB
Required OS:Android 8.0 or higher / IOS
Developers Name:Studio nCORE Pvt. Ltd.
Release Date26 January 2021
UpdatedApr 11 2022
Download LinksGoogle Play Store
Apple App Store
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Steps to Download and Install FAUG Game APK?

To easily install the FAUG Game APK App, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download FAUG OBB File: Begin by downloading the FAUG OBB File from the provided link on this page.
  2. Copy the FAUG OBB File: Locate the downloaded OBB File in your device’s downloads folder and make a copy.
  3. Access File Manager: Open your device’s File Manager and navigate to Internal Storage.
  4. Go to OBB Folder: Inside Internal Storage, find the Android folder, and select the OBB subfolder.
  5. Create a New Folder: Within the OBB folder, create a new folder named “com.ncoregames.faug.”
  6. Paste the OBB File: Paste the copied FAUG OBB File into the newly created “com.ncoregames.faug” folder.
  7. Download FAUG APK File: Next, download the FAUG APK File to your device.
  8. Install FAUG APK: Install the FAUG APK File, and you’re all set to enjoy playing India’s very own FAUG Game!
  9. Follow these straightforward steps, and you’ll be ready to immerse yourself in the world of FAUG in no time. Happy gaming!

Download FAUG Game APK Old Version

After the recent update of FAUG game, many users faced issues with the app. Consequently, some users wish to switch back to the previous version of the FAU-G APK. To assist them, we have provided a download link for the previous version of the action game below.

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