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FAUG, or Fearless and United Guards, is a renowned mobile game application created by nCORE Games, a prestigious Indian game development company. Initially unveiled in September 2020, FAUG made its official debut in January 2021, accessible on both iOS and Android devices. 

The game swiftly gained significant attention and widespread anticipation, mainly owing to its affiliation with the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-reliant India) initiative, making it a prime candidate for those looking to download faug game APK. This momentum was further fueled by the ban imposed on India’s popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile.

FAUG Game APK Download Information

FAU-G Full FormFearless and United Guards
Game Size:124 MB
FAUG Game Requirements:Android 8.0 or higher / IOS
FAUG Game Developers Name:Studio nCORE Pvt. Ltd.
FAUG Game Release Date26 January 2021
UpdatedApr 11 2022
Country India
Download LinksGoogle Play Store
Apple App Store
FAUG is an exhilarating multiplayer action game that’s ready for download on Android and iOS devices. Immerse yourself in the intense combat scenarios of FAUG, a free-to-play mobile game, and join a vibrant gaming community. Stay updated with the latest news and reviews, and prepare for your next FAUG APK download adventure, where strategy and action collide.

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Before Installation of this app Please “Allowing App installs from Unknown Sources” from your Mobile Settings.

Exciting News: FAUG Domination is Coming!

The creators of FAUG, nCORE Games, have revealed an exciting addition to the game called FAUG Domination. This new game boasts unique characters, weapons, and game modes/tournaments that players have never seen before. The announcement coincides with Kargil Vijay Diwas, adding a patriotic element to the reveal.

Although nCORE Games has not revealed specific details, like its release date and specific gameplay features, the gaming community eagerly anticipates its arrival. Keep an eye out for further updates on this thrilling development in FAUG!

FAUG Game Download APK V1.0.10

In FAUG or FAU-G, players can immerse themselves in thrilling battles inspired by real-life challenges faced by the Indian military, encompassing national and international threats. The game’s settings are a testament to this authenticity. It features meticulously crafted 3D graphics that immediately transport players to real-world locations, making it a must-try for those seeking to download faug game APK.

FAUG, short for Fearless And United: Guard, offers a versatile gaming experience, allowing players to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives. The game boasts a variety of game modes tailored to suit different user preferences, making it a top choice for those looking to Faug Game Download APK. Furthermore, players can enhance their gaming adventure by selecting from an array of weapons and equipment, thus establishing FAUG as a definitive entry in this popular gaming genre

FAUG Game Download APK

What is FAUG or FAU-G Game APK?

FAUG, or Fearless and United Guards, is an exhilarating online multiplayer action game developed and published by nCore Games, a prominent Indian video game and interactive entertainment company. A multitude of compelling reasons drives the frenzy surrounding the FAUG game APK download:

Indian Gaming Excellence: FAUG, proudly created by the Indian gaming company nCore Games, has captured the attention of gamers seeking a homegrown alternative. The desire to Faug Game Download APK and experience this remarkable creation is rising.

Salute to Indian Armed Forces: FAUG stands as a heartfelt tribute to the bravery and dedication of the Indian Armed Forces. The game entertains and honours our national heroes, making it a must-download faug game APK for many.

PUBG Successor: With the recent ban on PUBG in India, FAUG is positioned to enter the spotlight and potentially become the preferred choice for gaming enthusiasts looking to Faug Game Download APK.

Government and Celebrity Endorsement: Backed by the Indian government and the famous actor Akshay Kumar, FAUG’s download faug game APK movement is gaining momentum nationwide.

Charitable Commitment: Vishal Gondal, the CEO of nCore Games, has made an admirable pledge to donate 20% of FAUG’s net revenue to the BharatKeVeer Trust, supporting India’s brave hearts.

The game offers evolving third-person gameplay with cooperative roles, emphasizing brawler machines, melee weapons for battles, and guided map exploration. This aligns with the 1996 India-China agreement, prohibiting firearms near the Line of Actual Control.

faug gme figh scene
FAUG GAME fight hd

FAUG Game Requirements

To enjoy the action-packed world of FAUG on your mobile device, you’ll want to ensure that your device meets the following requirements:

FAUG Game for Android Devices Requirements

  1. Operating System: Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher.
  2. RAM: Minimum 3GB of RAM for smooth gameplay.
  3. Storage: Approximately 600MB of available storage space for the game installation.
  4. Processor: A capable processor for optimal performance.
  5. Internet Connectivity: A stable internet connection for online gameplay.

FAUG Game for iOS Devices Requirements

  1. Operating System: iOS 10.0 or later.
  2. Compatibility: FAU-G is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  3. Storage: Ensure sufficient storage space for the game’s installation.
  4. Internet Connectivity: A stable internet connection for online gaming.

Meeting these requirements will ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience in the world of FAUG.

How to Download the FAUG game APK on Your Mobile?

For Android Devices

To set up and play India’s very own FAUG Game, follow these simple steps:

  • Download FAUG OBB File: Begin by downloading the FAUG OBB File from the provided link on this page.
  • Copy the FAUG OBB File: Locate the downloaded OBB File in your device’s downloads folder and make a copy.
  • Access File Manager: Open your device’s File Manager and navigate to Internal Storage.
  • Go to OBB Folder: Inside Internal Storage, find the Android folder, and select the OBB subfolder.
  • Create a New Folder: Within the OBB folder, create a new folder named “com.ncoregames.faug.”
  • Paste the OBB File: Paste the copied FAUG OBB File into the newly created “com.ncoregames.faug” folder.
  • Download FAUG APK File: Next, download the FAUG APK File to your device.
  • Install FAUG APK: Install the FAUG APK File, and you’re all set to enjoy playing India’s very own FAUG Game!
  • Follow these straightforward steps, and you’ll be ready to immerse yourself in the world of FAUG in no time. Happy gaming!

Faug Game Download APK

For iOS Devices

To get FAUG from the Apple App Store on your iOS device, access the App Store from your device’s home screen. Then, use the search button at the bottom of your screen to search for video games. Type “FAU-G” into the search bar and press “Search.” In the search results, find nCore Games’ “FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards” and click on it to go to the game’s notification page. Finally, select “Get” from the menu, confirm your Apple ID if prompted, and the game will begin downloading and installing automatically. Enjoy playing FAU-G on your iOS device!

Download from App Store

How to install the FAUG game APK on Your Mobile?

We have already explained how to download and install the FAUG game APK in the above section. Please follow the instructions.

FAUG game for PC

FAUG is exclusively designed for mobile platforms and is not accessible on PCs. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. If you wish to experience FAUG on your PC, you can use an Android emulator like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer to run the game on your computer. 

It’s essential to remember that running mobile games on a PC through an emulator may lead to diminished performance and a potential decrease in graphics quality compared to playing the game on a dedicated mobile device.

Faug Game Download APK Old Versions

After the new update of the Faug game APK was released, many people updated their app but encountered problems. As a result, some people want to revert to the older version of the FAUG Game APK. We have provided the option to download the previous version of FAUG below to assist them.

FAUG Game APK Version 1.0.10Check all FAUG APK App Versions

What Sets FAUG Apart in the Gaming World?

FAUG game is a proud creation by nCore Games, showcasing a heartfelt tribute to our nation’s brave armed forces heroes. It vividly captures the excitement and adrenaline of a life dedicated to safeguarding India’s borders.

The Power of Teamwork in FAUG (Fauji)

FAUG, initially a single-player game, has evolved with the introduction of Team Deathmatch mode, emphasizing teamwork as players collaborate to defeat the enemy. Coordinated strategies and effective teamwork add depth to the game, elevating it beyond a simple action title.

A Real-Life Military Narrative: FAUG’s Unique Storyline

FAUG distinguishes itself by weaving its storyline around real Indian military events, beginning with the Galwan Valley conflict. This connection to actual events enhances the game’s authenticity, providing players with context and a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by soldiers in the name of national security. FAU-G is more than just a game; it’s a tribute to the bravery of our troops.

FAUG: A Tribute to the Indian Armed Forces

FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) embodies innovative psychology in the gaming world. It is a first-person shooter, which is unique because it is based on the experiences of actual members of the Indian military. Indian video game developer nCore Games released it as a soulful tribute to the bravery and dedication of the Indian Armed Forces. 

Players will be put into various missions to test their tactics, cooperation, and endurance. The point is not just to win but also to promote a sense of cooperation and cooperation among the participants. FAU-G does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of cooperation under pressure, stimulating the cooperation of the armed forces.

FAUG game on mission screenshot

FAUG is not a PUBG replacement

In light of recent events, the Indian government’s ban on mobile apps with Chinese connections, including Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) and 117 other mobile games, led to the emergence of FAUG. Both games fall into the multiplayer action category, and many speculated that FAU-G was introduced as a substitute for the banned PUBG, targeting the expanding mobile gaming community in India.

However, it’s worth noting that the developers have clarified that FAUG is not a direct response to the government ban. There are notable distinctions between the two games. Unlike PUBG, FAUG is not a battle royale game where players scavenge for weapons and engage in combat. Instead, FAUG immerses players in significant military events, with the first episode portraying the recent clash between Indian and Chinese forces at the Galwan Valley in Ladakh. FAUG’s focus on real-life events sets it apart from its predecessor.

FAUG Game APK Feature Details

Multiplayer Game

FAUG stands out as a captivating multiplayer game that allows players to engage in thrilling team-based action. With a strong emphasis on cooperative gameplay and strategy, FAUG provides a dynamic and immersive multiplayer experience, fostering camaraderie among players as they tackle challenges and missions together.

Game Modes

FAUG features various engaging game modes designed to cater to diverse player preferences and experiences. Whether you enjoy intense team-based battles, exploring real-life military events, or testing your skills in unique scenarios, FAUG offers a variety of game modes to keep you entertained and challenged.

Realistic Graphics

FAUG boasts strikingly realistic graphics that enhance the gaming experience by immersing players in detailed and authentic environments. These lifelike visuals contribute to the game’s visual appeal and create a sense of realism, making every mission and encounter within the game feel genuinely engaging and thrilling.

Multiplayer Excitement in FAUG 

Players can enjoy the multiplayer aspect of FAUG by teaming up with friends. Additionally, the first APK game download will soon be accessible.

FAUG: An Action-Packed Experience

Many anticipate FAUG to fill the void left by PUBG, although it’s important to note that FAUG’s initial release is an action game, not a battle royale. Developers may consider launching a battle royale version in response to public demand.

No Data Privacy Concerns with FAUG:

In contrast to PUBG, FAUG has been developed in India, ensuring that all game data remains securely stored on Indian servers. This commitment to data security eliminates concerns related to players’ personal information, assuring users seeking faug game apk free download that there will be no data privacy issues.

Embracing an Indian Theme

As previously mentioned, the Faug game apk is a heartfelt tribute to the dedication and sacrifices of Indian soldiers. This sentiment is vividly evident in the game’s trailer and release video, shared by Akshay Kumar, which unmistakably encapsulates the essence of India. Anticipation runs high that the FAUG game download apk for Android will set new records for all-time downloads.

FAUG battlegrounds

Pros and Cons of FAUG Game APK

FAUG Game Pros

Historically Accurate Gameplay

Immerse yourself in a gaming experience that stays true to historical events.

Great Art Style

Enjoy captivating visuals and aesthetics that enhance your gaming journey.

Action-Packed Brawler

Engage in thrilling, high-octane action as you battle through dynamic gameplay.

Secured Player Data

Rest easy knowing your personal data is safeguarded, ensuring a worry-free gaming experience.

FAUG Game Cons

Heavy on the Resources

Keep in mind that FAU-G may demand substantial system resources for optimal performance.

FAUG multiplayer game

FAUG Game Alternative

Several viable alternatives to the FAUG game APK exist, providing a diverse selection of gaming experiences. Here, we delve into the details of these alternatives, offering insights into their unique features and gameplay elements.

PUBG Mobile: Battle Royale Sensation

PUBG Mobile, short for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, has garnered widespread acclaim as a battle royale game where participants vie against each other for ultimate survival.

Call of Duty Mobile: Legendary Warfare

Mobile, developed by Activision, delivers an array of multiplayer modes, including battle royale and team deathmatch, featuring renowned Call of Duty maps and characters.

Fortnite: Building and Battling

Fortnite, created by Epic Games, is renowned for its unique blend of battle royale action and creative building mechanics, offering a distinct and fast-paced gaming experience.

Garena Free Fire: Quick Matches, Diverse Characters

Garena Free Fire, a mobile battle royale sensation, is celebrated for its swift gameplay and an array of characters, each possessing unique abilities to spice up the battles.

Cyber Hunter: Futuristic Royale

Cyber Hunter, a futuristic sci-fi battle royale, distinguishes itself by emphasising advanced technology and imaginative gameplay mechanics that transport players to a high-tech battleground.

FAUG game apk Youtube video action trailer

FAUG Game Reviews

FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) has garnered attention and feedback from players and critics alike. Reviews have highlighted several aspects of the game:

Historical Authenticity: Players appreciate FAUG’s dedication to showcasing real Indian military events, adding depth and meaning to the gameplay.

Graphics and Visuals: The game’s realistic graphics and attention to detail have been praised, immersing players in its rich environments.

Gameplay: FAU-G’s action-packed brawler gameplay and cooperative elements have resonated positively with gamers.

Data Security: FAU-G’s commitment to secure player data has received favorable mentions, alleviating concerns about data privacy.

Diverse Gameplay Modes: Players have enjoyed the various gameplay modes, which offer a range of experiences beyond the initial release.

While FAU-G has garnered praise for its unique approach and patriotic themes, reviews also note areas for potential improvements, such as expanding content and gameplay mechanics. Overall, FAUG continues to evolve, and player feedback remains instrumental in shaping its future updates and enhancements.

FAUG Game Updates

We are committed to delivering the latest FAUG APK updates as soon as the company releases them. We encourage players to regularly visit our site to stay informed about the most recent versions and enhancements, ensuring you get all the exciting features and improvements that FAUG offers. Your gaming experience matters to us, and our dedication to providing the latest updates reflects our commitment to keeping you engaged and entertained in the ever-evolving world of FAUG.

Frequently Asked Questions About FAUG Game APK

What is FAU-G, and how does it differ from other mobile games?

FAU-G, or Fearless and United Guards, is a mobile action game that draws inspiration from actual Indian military events, offering an authentic and patriotic gaming experience, unlike many others.

Is FAUG available for download on both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, FAU-G is available for download on Android and iOS devices, offering wide accessibility for players across platforms.

Who Owns the FAUG Game?

FAU-G is developed and published by nCore Games, an Indian video game and interactive entertainment company.

Can I play FAUG offline?

No, FAU-G requires an internet connection to play. It is not available for offline gameplay.

Are there plans for FAUG to release on other platforms?

Currently, FAU-G’s primary focus is on mobile platforms (Android and iOS). There’s no official confirmation regarding its release on other platforms, but future developments may bring it to additional platforms.

How do I download FAUG on my computer?

FAU-G is primarily designed for mobile devices (Android and iOS). To play it on a computer, you must use an Android emulator like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. However, please note that performance and graphics quality may vary when running mobile games on a computer.

Is the new FAUG game a replacement for PUBG in India?

No, FAU-G is not positioned as a direct replacement for PUBG in India. While both are multiplayer action games, FAU-G offers distinct gameplay by focusing on actual military events and does not feature battle royale gameplay like PUBG.

Which platforms is FAUG available on?

FAUG is available on both Android and iOS platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of mobile device users.

FAUG combat game

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) has emerged as a distinctive addition to the mobile gaming landscape, capturing the spirit of patriotism and historical accuracy.

Its dedication to Indian soldiers, real-life military narratives, and secured player data sets it apart as a unique and culturally significant gaming experience. While it may not replace PUBG directly, FAUG offers an alternative that resonates with players seeking a dynamic multiplayer action game with an Indian touch. 


The future promises further content updates and a more comprehensive platform reach, ensuring FAUG’s continued relevance in gaming.

We are not the owner of the FAUG game. All Credit is the Right of original App developers. It is an educational/informational blog that provides all the details about the FAUG game. We do not engage in any illegal activities or intend to harm anyone. We aim to educate people about this app and provide download links. We do not promote the FAUG game or influence people to use it. It is solely the user’s choice and responsibility.

If you have any concerns regarding the content on our blog, please feel free to contact us. We respect all copyright laws and only share this information to educate/inform people.

FAUG Game Apk

FAUG, or Fearless and United Guards, is an action-packed mobile game that honours India's military heroes through thrilling battles and historically inspired gameplay.

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Operating System: Android 8.0 or higher

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