Exciting News: FAU-G Domination is Coming!

The team at nCORE Games, who brought us FAU-G, have a surprise in store. They are releasing a sequel or reboot of the original game called FAU-G Domination. This exciting news promises to introduce players to new and unique characters, weapons, and game modes/tournaments.

We are thrilled to share that nCORE Games recently tweeted an inspiring message celebrating the bravery of India’s heroes. Their upcoming game, FAU-G Domination, is a heartfelt tribute to these courageous individuals and was unveiled on the momentous occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas. While we eagerly await its release, nCORE Games has kept us in suspense by not revealing much about the gameplay or when it will be available. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

Additionally, the tweet suggests that nCORE Games is looking to enter India’s esports industry with FAU-G Domination, which could imply the introduction of competitive modes and events in the future. However, being objective when considering nCORE Games’ history is essential. While FAU-G was highly anticipated when it was released in January 2021, it received mixed reviews due to its short campaign, less-than-smooth controls, and performance issues.

FAU-G promised multiplayer modes, but they still need to be added. Updates have been scarce since March 2021, and FAU-G Multiplayer is still in early access.

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